We love animals and their direct connection with nature, that is why our philosophy revolves around them. It is very important that the little ones in the house learn to love them, take care of them and protect them.

Our crochet amigurumis will connect them with the animal world and will provide a way to play, have fun and share a lot of love.


In our workshop we design and manufacture a magical world of stuffed animals, backpacks and children’s decorative elements, using crochet fabric as a base. Our flagship product are amigurumis, precious stuffed animals knitted in bright and warm colors. All our amigurumis are covered with a soft 100% cotton and hypoallergenic crochet fabric and inside they are filled with polyester foam. Only the large amigurumis have a pine wood structure inside, which serves as a support to stand a weight up to 70kg.


Amigurumis Farm

All the little ones like farm animals: horses, pigs, cows, donkeys, … What is your favorite farm animal? In Crochetts you will find the nicest animals of any farm.

Amigurumis Zoo

Young and old we all love going to the Zoo, it is so much fun and we have such a good time: giraffes, elephants, dinosaurs, whales, … What is your favorite zoo animal? In Crochetts you will find the nicest animals to set up a real zoo at home.